Battling Valter Megathread

After failing with my half finished horse team, I completed infernal with a flier team. I doubt too many people have the units/si at the ready to build my team since it has a lot of si and a past seasonal unit in Spring Camilla and Hinoka exclusive hone fliers I had seals but they ended up being unecessary

*Summer Corrin: +hp -res blarblade+, reposition, fury 3, desperation, fortify fliers. Used to kill the red and blue units with the exception of the mounted red mage who was killed by Cherche.

*Spring Camilla: +def -hp gronnraven+, swap, bonfire, triangle adept 3(lower should work as well), quick riposte 2, hone fliers. Buffbot for Corrin and takes out the archer with quick riposte. Does some swapping to move Ninian

*Cherche 5 star: +atk -spd brave axe+, reposition, bonfire, attack+3, axebreaker 3, goad fliers. Kills all the axe fliers and the mounted red mage. I don't think any of these skills are necessary axebreaker only triggers once and it wouldn't be a big deal if it didn't. I don't think goad did anything either. Cherche has wiggle room to lose some attack and still orko the axe fliers with no axebreaker quad and the red mage.

*Ninian: +hp -res I think she can be replaced by any dancer. Wings of mercy and a c slot buff were both unnecessary.

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