Bayo mains of smash 4 did you drop bayo in smash ultimate, why and who's you're new main.

I dropped her because she isn't fun anymore.

I liked Bayo in Smash 4 because she was fluid and felt satisfying to play, even though she was far too strong/rage jank/yadda yadda.

They nerfed her, which she needed, but they took away everything about her that made her fun. Her explosive combo potential is much harder to perform, up air and nair don't kill until absurd percentages, witch time is garbage, she eats an insane amount of landing lag every time she finishes a combo, etc.

On top of that, half her moves just straight up don't connect together anymore.

I really enjoyed her because I love the Bayonetta games and I loved how stylish and explosive she was. They didn't just nerf her power, they nerfed her fun factor.

I mostly play Inkling now. I experimented with other characters like Joker (Arsene is too easy for good players to exploit), Sheik (WAY above my skill level), Peach (can't move with her well enough), and Richter (doesn't quite fit my aggressive, rushdown playstyle), but nothing really feels the same.

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