@BCDodge_me : [email protected] drop an email at Carl [at] bcdodge.me :)


2015-04-02 12:15:40 UTC

#Millennials and #Social Commerce, By The Data [#Infographic] linkedin.com #smm


2015-04-02 13:18:22 UTC

@BCDodge_me what's new man?


2015-04-02 13:32:28 UTC

@fondalo just making my brain hurt by reading you latest post ;-) not in a bad way! Just making me think...(continued...)


2015-04-02 13:33:53 UTC

@BCDodge_me what are you thinking about?


2015-04-02 13:37:41 UTC

.@fondalo an aging population is one issue the NGO I work with is facing, and you post ties in to that. Leaving me with the same struggle...


2015-04-02 13:38:39 UTC

@BCDodge_me how can I help bro.


2015-04-02 13:46:05 UTC

.@fondalo drop an email at Carl [at] bcdodge.me :)

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