A beautiful way to call someone a selfish, entitled twat

I am American so Im not familiar w NHS, but this post is strange and wrong from both angles... I used to have a roommate who was a nurse and when hurricane Harvey hit Puerto Rico she just left and volunteered down there. I’m sure she did an incredible amount of good, and helped many people but she had the same attitude as this nurse in the post... • “Glad you enjoyed your meal...”

She’d post stuff like ‘“come on you selfish people, they need help, donate one dollar etc...”

I am grateful you are on the frontlines and helping, but there is no reason to talk shit to people who aren’t... or maybe can’t... or whatever...

You don’t go volunteer to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving and post, “ what is your lazy ass doing to help?” For ex..

If you are truly trying to help, and doing it for the right reasons, I expect to never see a post, or a txt message or anything cause I know you’re doing it...

That’s all....

Just help to help, don’t help then try and turn your help to talk shit to others... wtf is even going on in your head???

Ok the end

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