Beauty Pageant Forces College Girls to Twerk for Prestigious Internship

ideally (i suppose) we should all be free to express our sexuality. we should all be comfortable with displaying our sexuality in front of a packed audience. we should all be comfortable walking out the door butt naked because hey, that's how we came into the world. but lets be realistic, that's not the world we live in. are you willing, right now, to walk around in public naked because "hey being sexual isn't wrong?"

porn is still, in many peoples eyes, disgraceful, even to people who watch it. nudity, for the most part, is embarrassing. getting up on stage in a bikini is something most people are not comfortable with because obviously people will look at you sexually. being told to twerk (a highly sexualized dance) in front of a crowd for the benefit of your career is just wrong. asking these women to perform a sexualized dance to further their careers, in the context of just about any culture on the planet i can think of, is just wrong.

if someone finds watching basketball players, soccer players, weight lifters, baseball players, arousing simply because they are performing feats of athleticism, they're the ones that are weird. which one of these doesn't fit? "he's just lifting weights", "he's just running around a basketball court", "he's just throwing a ball really fast", "he's just shaking his ass in a suggestive manner"

when you say body building is more exposing, maybe you are right, a guys chest is exposed. but as westerners, a girls tits are private parts, and a guys aren't. so is it really fair to compare the men to the women? guys aren't showing off their wieners on stage (arguably the only part of a man that is comparably sexualized in our culture). if you don't take this in context of the culture this is happening in then you are just being naive to be naive, or you are 2 years old and genuinely don't know any better. also note that women body builders don't expose their tits either. so if you are taking it by gender, it's really not very much more exposing for a woman to be a body builder than for a man. but again, the difference is the bodybuilder wants to show off their body, as much as they can. shit there are women body builders that pose nude to show off their impressive pecs. but the economics major? probably not so much. if these girls were told ahead of time "you have to twerk in front of a packed audience if you want this job" i guess i don't care as much. but seeing as how one refused i don't think this is the case. i think the others probably just went with it. and you see some more "enthusiastic" about it than others. but if you are going for an economics internship you should be judged on your merit as a student and potential economist, not as a sexual being willing to perform in front of a shitload of people. can you imagine a potential employer asking you to show off in a sexual manner before you are hired? "hey i'll hire you, but first I need to see you get in this bikini and shake your ass", "hey i'll hire you, but first you need to take off your clothes and oil up and show me how muscular you are". that wouldn't fly anywhere. why is it acceptable in this instance? because it's college students? because you think we should be more sexually liberal as a culture even though we aren't? because some feminist wrote an article saying it's wrong so you have to act all contrary to what she says?

so yes, asking these students to perform a sexualized dance in the context of just about every culture on this planet, or even asking them to perform in a beauty pageant, to secure an internship, a valuable stepping stone in their career as an economist is wrong. are men required to perform in the same manner to obtain an internship there? no? it's wrong.

and people getting athletic scholarships aren't getting scholarships because they are going to study sports. they are getting them because the university profits by having good athletes represent them. and many people call this ridiculous.

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