Beauty Pageant Forces College Girls to Twerk for Prestigious Internship

You are kidding right?

So, every single competition ever seems to be corering volunteery people to do things they don't want to do.

"Eat this whole pie or you don't win the prize"

"Dive off of this high boar or you can't take first place"

"Show up and go to work, or you can't get paid"

There is no one being forced to do anything at all here. They all signed up for an voluntary event and can quit at any time. They are not being forced or coerced into doing anything at all, as they can leave at any time with nothing lost. This isn't a scholarship, it isn't for anything but an INTERNSHIP at a shitty place (Its in the Czech Republic for fucks sake). They are not holding some lofty and amazing prize over their heads and saying, "Hey, if you want to have a future, shake you ass" they are saying, "Hey, if you want to be declared the sexiest girl, shake your ass" which is the bases for millions of wet tshirt contests that happen across the globe.

The problem is the article itself. Its clearly written to display all of the facts in the worst way possible, including using prestigious a million times, and making it sound like the only way for someone to get into a really good position and have a future is through this pageant. There are at least a million girls on vine who post twerking videos who would go up on that stage and do it in a heart beat, not for some stupid internship, but just so that way they can do it in front of an audience.

This was, exactly what it says it was, a beauty agent. They took volunteers and asked them if they were willing to show off and get judged 100% based upon their LOOKS and nothing else. The only reason they are offering anything at all is because people always claim that these competitions are sexist and degrading to women, so someone thought, "What if we offered them something intellectual for winning, so we can claim we value their minds as much as their bodies?"

The problem here is that you are assuming that you know whats best for them, and speaking out and claiming degradation and humiliation and everything else. You are literally slut shaming them for participating in a contest by their own free will. While you probably have the best of intentions for them, its a hundred percent wrong to tell them what they can and can not do of their own free will. As long as they willingly want to participate in a twerking competition for an internship, shouldn't they be allowed to? If they want to do something that makes them feel sexy, or wanted, or popular, or whatever reasoning makes them decide that they should do this, why not let them?

If this was the ONLY way a female student could get an internship, and they gave male students internships without needing anything, then I would be more then happy to say this is sexism and exploitation and degradation etc. HOWEVER, we have zero evidence of anything at all. Instead we have a ridiculously biased article claiming that these poor college girls are being forced to twerk so they can get an internship at a "prestigious" economics company.

However, I have been completely and utterly unable to find any evidence that internships are even being offered, or where they are being offered to. The article does tons of bullshit statements in and of itself, and dodges any actual evidence. For example, This is not a college sponsored event, instead the competition is simply limited to people that go to that college. This is the same thing as a Miss America Pageant, or a Miss Oklahoma Pageant. Only people from this university can participate. I see zero mention of an internship anywhere at all on all of the official documents pertaining to this event. What I do see is that a magazine sponsors, hosts, and runs this event, it takes place a very popular club, and the major perks listed on fliers and brochures are, free photo shoot, meet a super model, record a video in a studio, meet with agents, after party with VIP access to a night club (They say, "The most popular night club" but that's probably just PR). I can't find any evidence that an internship to anywhere was ever offered in any of my looking (However, apparently 90% of all news articles on this event are just a rehash of this one, shaming the event for being sexist and nothing else)

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