I became the overly clingy girl and totally embarrassed myself. How do I get over it?

I don't know if this is something a lot of females are prone to, or if we are just kindred spirits. In high school, I got my locker moved next to my crush, and became bffs with his mom, among other bouts of crazy actions. I rarely think about this and I cringe when I do, but at least now I can also laugh about how ridiculous I was and I can be thankful that I am no longer that person.

When one is crushing, one is not only (largely) blind to any less than perfect trait their crush has, but I think one also invents a whole host of other wonderful traits for their crush due to lack of more knowledge about what this person is really like. It becomes easy to fantasize about a largely invented individual that would complement you perfectly.

I don't think this perfectly fits your situation, but for what it's worth: In the past few years, I would rein myself in from getting carried away by focusing no more than a date or two ahead initially, and only increasing that allotment as the seriousness of the relationship allowed. If I found myself fantasizing about the names of our future children when I had yet to learn the names of his parents, I had to be disciplined and give myself a reality check. I also had to learn to work hard to not drop everything (friends, hobbies, sports) when I started dating a new guy because while I did want to spend inordinate amounts of time, that is not being a nice friend or good to myself, and I found it also perpetuated the irrational actions.

To get over the current humiliation you feel, I would focus on spending time with your own group of friends and admitting that you recognize the way you acted wasn't dignified, but that you are working on personal goals to help stay more grounded for next time. If you have a friend or two with whom you feel particularly close and trusting, you could also say that sometimes in the moment it is hard zoom out so if they see you acting overboard, then to let you know, but that would depend on the relationships you have with your friends I think.

Good luck, keep trying, and do your best to stay true to yourself.

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