Because the holidays are the hardest time of the year for some people.

Hardest time of the year for me.. I don't know, I lost my whole immediately family..multiple jobs..

No car, no money..

I messed up with my fiance..

Its an hour walk to anywhere that even might hire me, but now I've tested positive for covid and cant go out and my foodstamps and unemployment won't go through..

And I cant leave the state until I get my community service done lol..

Ive just crumbled completely apart this year.. but I can't hurt myself its not in me so no need to worry there..

I have to do this for me, for my little kitten and for a hope of restoring what I know is still there with the love of my life..

I just dont know where to start right now and I cant do anything until covid is out of my system...

Sorry for the novel I just..there is no one left to talk to..

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