Because of the upcoming Symmetra rework, what other hero's do you think could use a rework?

-I agree that Roadhog has no meta built around him, but I'll say his hook is OP with its bugginess. I don't think it should have the potential to grab and and through floors like it does currently. If they fix that, then I'm fine with the aspect of him one-shotting because it is well deserved. I'm just tired of being inside a building and getting dragged outside and down a floor. (We've all seen the crazy vids)

Tracer I'll agree with, I'm thinking her tier is rather low and tying to find a way to buff it- but it's definitely not on the to-do list for Blizzard, nor high on my to-do list.

I think Genji's sword is a bit too long. I don't think it's too strong, I just think he can swing and hit a person and someone else behind them. Add in the fact that he can fly by charging at enemies in the air, especially if when they die and it can get intense- but all I really care about is how damn long the sword actually is.

I really don't like hanzo scatter arrow so I'm not going to budge a whole lot.

Winston is about survival, but it's just so sad that it honestly does so little. He already has a lot of survivability with his normal abilities, the only thing his ult does is add knock-back with very little damage. It actually decreases from 60 damage per second to 40 per swing with a rate of 1.6 swings per second, or 25 damage per second. It's almost a third of the original damage. The only thing it adds is an immediate boost in health. And 6 punches to knock players back with. On a 1v1 it's great, but 1v3? 1vbastion that it can't knock out of turret form? I'm just not a fan of the ult in general, but it does have a few niche uses.

I really want a nerf for widow, but winston and genji are only counters if they get in close and pass the rest of the line of defense. But at that point, anyone with decent mobility or a strong enough offensive can kill her quickly enough. is super powerful. Nerf her out-of-mech gun. Do something. Please, I'd rather fight the mech than that shit

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