Becka Clark/Kiki LaRue, March 8-14

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For some reason, I’m feeling extra snarky on her tonight. (Please keep in mind the BlogSnark rules - referenced above.)

So, out of pure curiosity - former customers, followers, former “friends” of her’s; what brings you to this thread?

I’ll start. I followed her way back when when she was theshoejunkie and I had my own blog ten-ish years ago. She popped up again when she launched KLR (around 2013) then quickly faded off my feed and was on and off my radar. In 2018, I visited her storefront (first and only time) in TX while they were in their liquidation phase. From what I recall, there was a bunk “coffee shop” in there (a Bin endeavor, IIRC).

I do remember the brunette long-haired woman who checked me out very, very clearly. She was bored/borderline upset to be there. It all clicked to me as I was paying that I followed KLR/BC on insta. As I recalled that info aloud, the poor woman behind the counter told me that BC “rarely” comes in while trying to remain positive about the business. That should’ve been my bright red flag. It wasn’t. But I will say I proudly have not given her any of my money since. And all her products are crap.

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