Becker vs Actual 2019 Exam Scores- Please contribute your scores and share

Becker is the most popular review program in all of review programs. I didnt take a deep dive into hating CPA review software; I am stating becker is a waste of money and not needed and that other more affordable programs offer the same information necessary/needed to pass the exams. A individual who has taken a rigorous BSAcc and MSAcc has zero business on purchasing becker.Why? because a good BSACC AND MSACC WILL BE IN LINE TO PASS THESE EXAMS! If its free? great!. Becker is a great example of you test drive a bugati and say its great but would you buy it? and the answer is no.

They get a ton of free marketing by using several employees of public accounting firms that used it for free and when you speak out about it; the hivemind of r/accounting comes out and cant actually think for one moment and ask themselves would they of actually spent 4k on a review program that offers the same necessary information to pass the exam as a program that costs 2k? yall are sheep getting barked in by the dogs (gearty, olinto, and who ever else).

you potentially are; corp taxation can be one of the hardest classes in undergrad depending how it is taught. You were not taught on the same rigor as your peers; I am just bringing it up because I think its funny that the prestigious big 4 is hiring people into service lines who were not rigorously tested. It is another example of marketing.

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