Becoming depressed, no friends & no support.

I don’t disagree, & I can’t stop how they feel about me, but I’m confused how them not enjoying being around me has anything to do with showing up to their grandkids (my kids) games, or spending any real time with them. When I’m at games, I’m not talking business, not thinking about anything but watching my kids. If they want to support them without me there, I’ll skip a game so they can go & not have to deal with me.

You sound wise & reasonable, so should I just be some quiet & reserved person if/when they come back around? I’ll shut up & not say a word & just agree with every Convo, or just not join the Convo at all if that’s what it takes for my kids to be a priority. I just don’t know how I can change who I am & what makes me, me. I am flawed & imperfect, and I work on myself daily, but my personality is just that,

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