Snoop is fucking mad the best rapper of all time is white.

I'd probably be mad too. Like hip hop is their fucking thing. Eminem takes a lot away from the culture of it. Like an outlet for the oppressed, which is sort of how it started or what it became.

Eminem was oppressed, yes. But not systematically more geographically or socioeconomically.

Eminem might speak for all min wage white workers on a few songs. But he isn't speaking to hundreds of years of oppression.

He fucking made poor and middle class white kids vibe in a way no one had before.

Anecdotally I was rocking pac, snoop, dre, big, bone thugs, nas, luniz, dog pound, twista, triple 6, too short, P, i thought I related to them.

Eminem came out and he basically said in rap what I felt in real life. Me an tens of millions of other middle class white kids.

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