Have you been enjoying the 2020s so far?

Theres good RnB and then theres washed out pop R&B. Same thing with current rap trends. Migos from 2010-2015 is completely different than their current status.

I can barely deal with Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak's song together. I like Brent Faiyaz and plenty other more R&B leaning artists/bands but they aren't charting, which is my main point.

Anything that charts is likely gonna sound like some washed out trash to me.

I think this is a more recent development in my taste, cause i deff remember hearing plenty of good stuff on the Hip hop and R&B station, as well as the po mix station. Maybe i'm just tired of current pop trends or where i think its going.

As far as good background music for some shitty bar with cheap beer, i guess it does its job.

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