Been itching to try out a new game, but these sales as of late has been more than terrible

...I never said they were comparable. Do you know what a Rival is? Look at Battlefield vs. COD, Evo vs. STi, Coke vs. Pepsi, NFS vs. Midnight Club (all entirely different from each other but still comparable despite our feelings because they’re the same exact class as one another) and in this case...a game that was literally born as a rival to Gran Turismo and still is - Forza Motorsport. Doesn’t matter what we think or feel about it, can’t argue facts.

All I did was answer someone’s question with a right answer, “Forza Motorsport rival? That’s Gran Turismo”. The end. Comparable to you or not, they’re rivals in the real world and I answered that question truthfully. All opinions and outlooks aside.

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