So it's been some time. How do you feel about the localization of Fates? Has it changed over the time?

What truly bothers me is the drastic difference in tone and content with many of the support dialogues. In some places, it's understandable, like with the kitsune aspects of Kaden, and that's as far as I'd draw the line. Alter the Eastern references that most Westerners wouldn't know off-hand. Or with Japanese puns or idioms that simply don't translate into another language, where a replacement is fine.

In other places, it's downright stupid, like with Forrest x Soleil's relationship being about shampoo, or Hisame's pickle fetish. And then there are those that just make you think, like the infamous ellipses or "rawr means I love you in dragon". None of that was necessary. You don't need to make things sound "more American". People old enough to play a game like this are old enough to understand differences in settings and that people from different regions... speak differently! It doesn't help that the game is so inconsistent when it comes to these changes, "censoring" some but leaving others in. It does feel like several individuals working on it, rather than a team.

Name localization never really bothered me. For every "stupid" English name, there's a "stupid" Japanese name (hello, Nn). The English dub always sucks, because there is a much more developed foundation for VA work in Japan.

And I couldn't care less about the removal of the waifu-petting game or swimsuits to be honest, but did they really need to do that? I mean, I'm not torn up that they're not in the game and I can find better fanservice on the interwebs. But it does feel like the2010s "internet feminist" is the new 1990s "Christian parent" when it comes to dancing around subjects in video games.

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