Been working on a DC and Marvel crossover collection for a couple years now. The set is finally almost complete! I know they weren't always the best and sometimes just money grabbers, but I've enjoyed them for the most part.

Great collection, congrats!

I also have a mixed feeling about these: they are cash grabbers but 2 of my favourite comic book memories are attached to them.

I discovered "Marvel-like" books from DC (meaning actual main line comics) with X-Men / Titans back in 1986. As a huge X-Men fan who also used to dress up as Robin not a few years before this :), i lost my head when i saw that cover and when I discovered characters like Deathstroke, Starfire, Donna or DARKSEID!!!! My world was turned upside down, i never thought that Batman, Robin and co. would have comics as the X-Men did, that is, actually cool comics that a 9 year old would love. A few months later, due to the success of the crossover, the publisher in my country started putting the first new teen titans series out and i just became a fan of those characters for life.

The other is when i got back into comics after a 7 year hiatus. I was in college, and a friend had me read Amalgam. It was really fun at the time, and while not a good story, i was entertained by all the "new" characters and the fact i was re-discovering these things also helped on the experience. Mindless fun, as comics should be from time to time. Plus: Dark Claw is a really 90s Xtreme thing, but i admit to be a fan.

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