Before you buy Logitech G560 (Pros&Cons)

While there are definitely problems with the speakers this post is exaggerating a lot, I'll address each point with my own experience:

  • Not really a con because you should not for any reason be buying these speakers if you don't want them for light sync which can't be used if you are connecting via aux or bluetooth, that isn't a con it's just how these work they need the usb connection.

  • Light sync does have a little lag but it's not a whole second, it's basically unnoticeable unless you are going out of your way to watch it constantly will have fast color changing on screen. As for Phillips Hue being better I would certainly hope so considering it will cost you more than these speakers just for the lights plus you have to use Razer product/software to use it.

  • This is such an easy issue to solve if you just turned off the speakers when you turn off your PC, more so if you are connecting to these via bluetooth as your device is constantly connecting to it every time you use audio on the device same reason why you turn off bluetooth devices when you don't want to connect to them.

  • If you have a mac don't buy these, macs are not for gaming which is what these are made to compliment, a gaming PC

  • I've never experienced these speakers randomly stop working from a hardware issue only with the software crashing which has never been a daily thing let alone multiple times a day.

  • I haven't experienced that bass problem, my issue is the firmware not playing nice with the g hub software. The previous firmware was way too loud, just hitting 10 volume was pretty ridiculous in volume but with the new firmware the bass felt nonexistent for me tho I feel like I have fixed that after uninstalling G hub and erasing all files then installing it again fresh.

  • This will happen to all PC software that integrates with games because the games aren't made to use all the different softwares, most of them only work with a single supplier (ie Logitech, Razer, Corsair, etc) and that's it, which is the reason why I use only screen sampler mode so it will work much like how Phillips Hue works with it's light integration.

  • Complaining about 5 seconds of start up time just tops off the reaching you are doing here my friend, this is not a big deal at all and I can't possibly see how this is experience ruining to mark it as a con.

I personally love these speakers just wish the G Hub software was better than it currently is or rather Logitech just update LGS as well until G Hub is a viable replacement for LGS. The G Hub software is definitely the biggest con for these speakers right now and that applies to basically all Logitech gaming products right now.

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