Before I start my journey of working out and bulking. Any tips or advice? 115 pounds never worked out before.

Was in the same boat as you, welcome!

This is what worked for me. (Was 112 lbs, 5'4). Intake more. Aim for 2300 calories a day. 115g protein a day.

This is what helped me get to my weight (131) while maintaining my same lean build (after hitting 135, I reduced my calories to 1800, which has kept me at 130-135). Holding here b/c I like how I look.

Started with a cheap dumbbell set at Target. (2-8lb weights) and doing squats. Was only able to do 20 squats and used the 4lb weight when starting. Go until failure. (Push for 50 reps.)

Then add in pushups once you've done the 4lbs to 50reps and can hit about 50 squats. I did this every other day. After a month, go for the 8lb weight, and do squats and pushups to failure at least 2 times a week. 8lbs weight to failure.

You'll be beefin' out fast once you gain consistency. I use pure raw whey powder mixed w/ banana, peanut butter, and 2 eggs daily.

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