Beginner question: Making sewing easier and what is the obsession with finding the grain on fabric? [no pattern]

but I am someone that likes to have "flow" in the things I do

This comes with practice.

I'm always on the look out for hacks and shortcuts that make things easier

As is everyone over five years of age.

so many inefficient and tedious things that people do in this life just because it's tradition or habit

This is an assumption, due to lack of knowledge.

semi-unnecessary task of making sure the fabric is "on grain" or "finding" the grain of the fabric before you cut your pattern out

Inexperience with couture.

hundreds of scrubs (she is a nurse), curtains, pillows, and pajamas

Not really what would be considered 'making your own clothes'.

Have you ever owned a pair of jeans where one of the seams twisted towards the front or back? This happens when the manufacture (cheap) didn't take the time to find the grain.

When you buy a piece of fabric it will have been 'sized' by the manufacture. This means that it has been treated chemically and has been flattened. After you launder this piece, it may look very different. The grain will become really apparent, if it is 'off'. If off, folding it in half will result in wrinkles. Can this fabric be saved? Yes, that is what the tugging, tearing, etc is all about.

If you make the mistake of not pre-washing your fabric, then spend time cutting it out and sewing it up, then the first time you wash it, it goes all wonky, you will understand the necessity of pre-wash and finding the grain. (This piece is destined for the trash.)


You could admit that you are judging without knowledge. Please turn these judgments into questions for yourself. They are very good questions for a beginner.

If you have ever heard the saying 'a stitch in time, saves nine', you could apply that to pinning as well. Or, learn to use a seam ripper really well. It is all a matter of how important that particular seam is, or how you want to spend your time (pinning or ripping). You could, just learn to accept sub-standard work.

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