And so it begins... "Muslim Afghanistanis and Iraqis launch petition to have prayer calls be played in streets of Paris after Macrons win"... HAhAHAHAH. RIP FRANCE.

Here's the thing the cucks who have been brigading this place all day fail to understand. I wasn't heartbroken over Le Pen's loss. I wasn't all that shocked by the margin of Macron's victory. Sure, there was an ever-present hope that the people of that beautiful nation would turn out in droves, but once I saw how low the voter turn-out was, I realized that an utterly noxious combination of apathy, political tribalism, and the most overt symphony of media bias and baseless slander of Le Pen had taken its toll.

See, there's layers to this heartbreak. First, it's in the unsettling fact that more French men and women will die on the streets of their homes in the coming years. Right under that, it's in the frustration in knowing that with each innocent life taken, there will be a deluge of apologists, denial, and appeasers, each clawing every virtue-signaling buzzword or damning label out of their Pavlovian mouths for no other reason than the abject fear of being branded a bigot. Then we get to the bad stuff: insanity like this article entails-- and undoubtedly a terrible omen for what the whole nation can expect to face while political correctness fetters their courage. The suppression of news. More deaths. The French people becoming a minority in their own country. More concessions. Blasphemy laws. More apologies. More deaths.

But there's something else, something at the core of this heartache. Something that every layer enveloping it magnifies its gravity all the more.

The thing that breaks my fucking heart is that I know, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, that I-- and a lot of other pedes who have watched the events around Europe over these past few years with gritted teeth-- will soon have to utter the phrase that we take absolutely no pride in saying where the lives of innocent people are concerned. I take no pride saying it, not to the cucks, not even to the infantile, leftist sycophants who have forgotten the sound of their own voice from parroting the ones of their partisan gods for so long.

So, to the brigaders and the shills about to downvote this: remember this moment. Remember the headline of this article. There's going to come a day in the not-so-distant future when you'll recall all of the times you deferred to your social justice playbook for the pejorative-du-jour to cognitively dismiss our warnings. It might be when you're in the middle of reading the latest text alert of another attack, another rape, another body count. It might be when the latest demands of these "refugees" no longer remind you of democratic discourse, but instead a fledgling theocracy. Or maybe it will simply be the next time you're typing out #prayfor... and that one phrase that I take absolutely no pride in saying to you hits you square in the gut like the hand of a vengeful god.

We fucking told you so.

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