That is the behaviour I would love to see in DayZ - medium speed but regrouping and pinning you in the building instead of lonely Usain Bolts. Probably never gonna happen.

To be fair to your argument, it has been ages since anything on the DayZ zombie front has changed, yes. But this is because the teams working on them have had other stuff that they felt was more important to do first. They fixed a lot of bugs with them going through walls a while back and have since left them until they had time to redo them completely.

H1Z1 on the other hand, are actually taking the approach of, "lets make them simple so we can have tonnes more than DayZ has", which is great, but not the same. DayZ Zs will be wounded by shots to the legs, they will have a stamina system, they will have hoarding systems in place so that they move around the map together. They will be persistent, they are going to have a better respawning mechanic. These are all features that are not going to make it into H1Z1 unless they dramatically reduce numbers.

I'm not fanboying by a long shot, so dont think thats an insult. I play DayZ because I want a serious survival game with in depth mechanics.

I'm not saying that H1Z1 won't change their zombies ever, but there are no dev blogs there telling us that they will be fleshing out their zombies heavily. If there was I would take it into account, unfortunately there isnt.

I will say this again because I wrote it in a previous comment to the other poster; H1Z1 was essentially marketed as everything DayZ is hated for, or was hated for. At this time, there was issues with FPS, with low zombie count, desync and a few other things. Yes, currently DayZ's Zs are still shit, but there is even the new AI in experiemntal right now, which you seem to have missed as well. At the time H1Z1 was getting ready to be released for EA, it was very obvious to the team there that in order to successfully pull off their marketing strategy, they would need to best all of DayZ's weakpoints that I mentioned above. Since then, DayZ has moved forward and showed what the next goals are for them. SOE (or whatever its called now) are still raving about zombie numbers and they are not going to flesh out the Zs there in as much a detail, because if they did they would need to drastically reduce numbers. Of course they could do this, but to get a good look at whether they will do this or not, look at the current front page of the H1Z1 subreddit. Everyone over there is loving the zombie count, and I very much doubt it would fit the arcadey nature of the game to reduce the count drastically just to get a few extra mechanics into the works, because that is not what that game is about.

I have never said which way is better however. Some people really like the arcadey structure of H1Z1 and dont like the realistic, complex and unforgiving nature of DayZ, which is fine. I however like my games to be difficult and complex, so naturally I prefer to play DayZ. It doesnt in any way make me a fanboy to have some knowledge on the game that I enjoy. I also know a lot about H1Z1 and I am definitely not a fanboy of that game either. You are completely wrong in your analysis, and your whole argument is simply "the Zs in stable are terrible" which is not what I said, yet you managed to spend way too much time and space re-writing that over and over again. I completely understand your argument, but you are arguing a different case to what I have said, which is infuriatingly annoying to have to repeat over and over to you without you seeming to grasp hold of it. I am comparing the most recent knowledge of what we can expect in the future of DayZ's zombies, with the most recent knowledge we have of the future of H1Z1's.

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