'Behold national superiority and native exceptionalism.' - Working class derision also in full flow in the replies.

I never faught back lol, just hoped that by being sort of "safe" with some hardknocks would be enough (also parents told me never punch anyone, I believed that for a long time, but fighting back wouldn't help anyway). Bad tactic, it wasn't really. Most people don't really mix at school (or after) though at all.

Not poo pooing your experience, but at least you knew what you were up agaisnt as it happened more at a later age and it was just verbal abuse mainly compared to mine; basically complete psycological torment for all of my formative years.

My parents always provided enough and we lived in a decent house in decent area (although not that much bigger than many council), so people thought I had it easy. My parents gave me nothing really of material things kids have. No smartphone till 18 everyone else had at 12, no nice clothes, no tv in room, one games console after years of campaigning, no takeaway food, etc. etc.

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