Being a Christian but aware of Asian issues?

'unshapely circumcised dick'

Sorry to hear bro. But it's mostly a Jewish/American thing. Circumcision is hardly a thing in Europe so it's nothing to do with Christianity. The New testament explains that Circumcision is no longer necessary as Christ's death was sufficient payment for our sins, along with any rituals of sort.

Yes, It is written in the Bible that those who turn away from God will be punished. But one of the core principles of the Christian faith is that we are ALL children of God. God created us, the heavens and the earth and everything inbetween. He's our father, and a father has a right to punish his children for their wrong doing, the same way you have a right to punish your children for misbehaving.

Understand that God doesn't hate anyone and nobody on this planet is beyond saving (I am not saying that if someone isn't saved, then he or she is automatically condemned to hell forever). But he does punish. He's as much a God of Justice as he is a God of love (eg. Read how he punishes King David for his wrong doing, but ultimately keeps his promises to him in the Book of Kings, or even Jesus rebuking the wicked or the Devil himself when he tried to tempt Jesus in Matthew chapter 4). None of us have a right to anything. How could you sit there and believe that everything you have is by your hand and your hand alone?

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