Being a Dwarf has its benefits.

OK, I understand the kind of guy you are now.

The kind of guy that's superior to you in every way imaginable.

More than you'll ever have.

Probably not.

Besides, I don't want to win an Emmy or Academy Award. Won't be there to accept if it happens. The American film industry is cancer, and so are the people inhabiting that sorry excuse of a country.

And this is what other guys like you

You don't know anything about me.

when a black person or a gay person or a little person actually wins the award, you have completely objective reasons why they didn't deserve it.

This argument is flawed because I don't care about the superficial awards you hold in such high esteem. Winning one is not an achievement in my eyes, it's not an indicator of skill or talent.

Besides, I don't even watch movies out of the west anymore. I'm interested in primarily Japanese, Russian, Polish, Iranian, South Korean and Taiwanese works. Most of my favorite actors, directors, screenwriters and authors are Asian. Don't make assumptions about me when you've literally never spoken to me before.

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