Being Fat

Im an “attractive” 21yo girl. Ive dated a multitude of guys with varying levels of conventional attractiveness or unattractiveness. For me personally im attracted to personalities and confidence, it really shapes what they look like to me. The most unattractive thing about fat guys is if they have the mindset that OP does. Ive been so attracted to some “ugly” or “fat” guys from their confidence and personalities as well as their bodies. Girls have types just like guys do. In reading this post I could feel the ugly jealousy that OP has towards his classmates. He has an ugly attitude and seems bitter. I like guys who care about themselves. If they treat their bodies poorly then I see it more as a lack of self respect, this includes frat guys who jump onto tables. Ever girl is different. Guys never try to see it from the perspective of a girl. If you dont care if girls are a lil chubby then why would a girl care if you are?

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