Being pregnant isn't about me, its about her becoming a grandmother (Vent)

In short, just how difficult and expensive it was for her to travel there. (It was held in a different province even though we told her it's okay to not come. My dad, they're divorced, just sent me money to buy food like a sane person.) How she doesn't drive outside of her home city and she booked a hotel in the neighbouring city where the celebration was being held (it's a large metropolitan area) so she did a test transit run in the morning and it took 4 hours round trip and she was showing everyone the maps she printed off at work because she doesn't have a cell phone. How she made sure she got a floral arrangement and isn't it beautiful? How I wasn't there to pick her up from the airport or drive her the next day even though I told her I'd be too busy, which is why she shouldn't come.

Keep in mind that my mom met my MIL two or three times over the 5 years I was with my husband before she passed. It's not like they were friends who chatted on the regular.

There's a lot more but those hit all the highlights, I think.

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