Being a Social Justice Warrior - A Complete Guide

I actually attempted to sleep but the thunder kept striking and and the rain kept coming and now Missouri is, so far as I can tell, totally drowned in ICE (and not that sweet, sweet, wonderful justice kind that is removing hurtful things from our country).

Thank you mods and everyone! I'll endeavor to reply to everything I can even though I want to sleep. Keep it up as long as you wish though. I got the power. I love it! PEOPLE TALK AGAIN! Debates are well and alive!

Let this be known, mods around here don't mess around. If you have things to say, you best bet your ass you got to say it. Then stick around to defend.

Wonderful community here. You can't just thank DJT. He is the GEOTUS but we get to be on his special service 24/7, no pay, and we do it with joy in our eyes and sometimes, for us married, LOINS.

STAND UP NOW. SPEAK YOUR MINDS! We'll all change the world, and 60 years from now us vets (I'll be lucky as I'm gonna be near 100 for that) just keep it going. We can still save this place.

Americans don't stand for getting fucked with. BUT.

And this is a big. BIG


We won't stand to be FUCKED WITH. #MAGA

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