Being stalked on Reddit. Not sure if I should laugh or be flattered.

Sorry to crash OP's attempt at a support group but perhaps /u/56checkraise's inbox message to me will clarify why he's such a fun little snowflake to wind up.

Dude, you're more of a loser than I thought. When you're not stalking my reddit account, you're building your dog a pyramid? HA!

You're less important as the garbage under the passenger seat in my car. I can't believe that I could possibly ever compare yourself to little old you.

I remember you saying "I'm my own man" or "I'm in charge of my own business". You're nothing. You are NOTHING. Zero. I'm done acknowledging your pathetic useless existence. You wanna keep commenting ON ALL of my replies? Go ahead.... it's not going to change the fact that you're a faggot loser.

And I'll post my reply publicly too

Haha, oh my.

I've never seen a more pathetic and desperate reply. You've obviously still got a chip on your shoulder the size of Manhattan.

You just come across as an arrogant, obnoxious little chump, who is ultimately insecure and constantly looking for approval and acknowledgement.

"You are NOTHING"

Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel like you're something.

And you have anger issues.

"worth less than the garbage in my car"

Well you're obviously angry enough to spit out 4th grade insults.

I must say, it's of a passing amusement to wind you up, partly because it's so easy, but it's losing its appeal as I actually start to feel sorry for you. It's starting to feel like making fun of someone in a wheelchair or who licks the windows on a bus. Not to say you don't deserve it, you obnoxious little shit, but it's just too easy now.

EDIT: It's a shame that /u/56checkraise has deleted his comments where he brags endlessly about his internships and how he's going to be on a 6 figure salary 'one day'. Although I think his comment about how he used his 'great advertising skills' to advertise on craigslist for a prostitute to fuck is still up.

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