Being trans is not a mental illness

You only need to sand it lightly. So it's fully flate. And to make the paint stick better. So, it's just very light sanding. If it's already flat to the touch with no bumps, you're good to go.

Yea, everyone hides there feeling some way somehow. If your your self all the time, yea mostly dont really belong to most normal groups, so most people have a type of mask all the time. A lot of people think you have to be in a type of group to not feel like you belong. But most people feel that they dont belong in a kind of way. Cause anything that's not "normal" is often shamed. So most people hold up that mask till they can't handle it to hold it up no more or the break. Lost a lot of people i care for cause the family could not accept who they really are. Wail, i agree you dont have to agree with a type of view. But you do have to respect it. Even if you dont agree with it. But people only respect or try to understand things they feel the same way about. Wail i often look for people who disagree with my view to understand why and how they come with the point of view. Often, dont make me agree with it still, but walking a mile in, but i understand more where the coming from and the only thing i agree with is the pushback against the transe are all the cases where pre teen kids get pumped with medicine that wil make them be sterile cause you cant give a kid a tattoo but push something a lot more permanent then that is ok. Besides that, do what yea want your body or choice your life but dont do it to young kids with medicine. When they can't choose for them selfs properly yet.

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