Being trans is not a mental illness

Word "being" says all you need to know, really. It implies that it's a choice. You're not born this way. You're either made this way by severe trauma or you're following a trend and want to be a victim, either way it's a mental illness. Illness that has been turned into a trend that's harming young people everywhere. There are legit people who have physical hormone dis-balance or deficiency and it gets wacky and stuff and they suffer immensely. To me, someone choosing to be trans is like a totally healthy person cutting off his/her own legs to choose to be disabled. How do you think this makes feel the person who's actually suffering from it?
I did therapy late last year and I had an interesting conversation with my therapist. Turns out, lack of, loss of and general doubts of identity are strong indications of bi-polar disorder or some sort of mental illness. It's one of the most common indicators, in fact.
I'm not trans or belong to any minority, be it sexual or whatever. But I do urge anyone with such problems, issues to seek professional help. Therapy did wonders for my anxiety and I strongly believe that it can help anyone in need too. Especially if you've doubts about yourself and your role in this world.

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