Being ugly = life over

At least women have makeup as an option, there's no equivalent for men.

There is. You mentioned it yourself. Just get rich. I mean afterall you told the other commenter to just get beautiful. Where is the difference? It doesn't surprise me though. I have seen this hypocritical behavior quite a lot.

Us FA men complain about getting advices like "just get tinder". Yet whenever a woman posts there is almost guaranteed one comment which is like "just get on Tinder" from an FA man. This is hypocritical behavior.

Also, I am poor and ugly myself before you start thinking that I am rich or anything.

Sorry, I had to rant.

Also, we demand understandment and empathy but you turned this into a men vs women kind of thing. Wtf? How can we demand understandment and empathy if we don't show that behavior ourselfs?

Again, really sorry for the rant. I hope I didn't hurt feelings but seeing this comment chain in particular (not your comment exclusively) I kinda exploded afterall.

Some things really confuse me around this website.

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