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I was planned. My mother took a 2 year break to give her body time to recover and then they tried for a second child. They had me and then decided not to have any more.

My sibling planned the pregnancies in the same way. Took contraceptives until the desired gap and then started trying again. They have a very definite idea of how much of an age gap they want between them.

My best friend and her husband planned to have a child. They sat down and decided not to use contraceptives anymore. Again, she wanted a two year gap before the next one and after him, she doesn't want any more so she won't have them.

Again, my aunts children are all planned in a similar way. Unfortunately, my aunt had to try for 3 years until she her first and then she left a gap between the first and second because having the first was so hard on her but then she decided to have the next 3 in quicker succession because she was getting older and didn't want to get to an age where there are more risks etc.

I'm assuming about a lot of my friends but definitely of about 6 of my closet friends that i've discussed it with, were all planned. I'm assuming you're male? I say that because women tend to get on to the subject of childbirth more often in my opinion. Especially when I was younger all of these things would have been discussed by my mother and her sister in front of me.

Nowadays, with my friends, you have to hear every damn gory detail about their pregnancies and what not. So, that's how I know they were planned because I've gotten a blow by blow account of the entire damn process!

To be honest, I would have thought it was the norm that people plan out their family. Especially since it costs so much to raise them. At least 2 people I know of would like more children but can't afford them. My sibling waited until they were in the best financial situation possible to start.

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