So you believe anyone can get 170-180?

It would be in the context of the question of this post.

Normal is relative, and it is also objective. It is not a value judgement. I'm normal when it comes to my height which is very average. I'm not normal when it comes to my eyes, they're green.

If you have a disability that interferes with taking the lsat, you are in the minority of people taking the LSAT, therefore in that category you're not normal. If your disability doesn't interfere and you aren't a genius, you're normal in that category. If you're disability doesn't interfere but you are a genius, you are also not normal.

Normal is not a "good" thing, normal basically means average. The fact that most conflate normal with "good" in and of itself is honestly pretty terrible. Most people should want to be freaks who "over" achieve.

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