Why I believe Canduce is responsible.

So many questions!

Did she bring the alcohol with or purchase it on her way?

Were the clothes Summer is wearing in the video the same ones she was reportedly wearing when she went missing? If not, when did she change? (Candus never mentioned that she changed, but the clothes don't seem to match the description on flyer).

Was gma really at the swimming hole? Is that really gma's voice in video? (Sounds a lot like a teenage boy's voice to me, the mother of 3 teen boys).

How did the milk stay stacked like that while driving? It looks like it would fall over? Why stack milk on a seat if you are driving an suv/ truck?

Did the boys see Summer or did mom just insinuate to them she should've been in the basement?

How did Don get to house before law enforcement?

How much of gma's meds were left at the end of that day?

Is there footage from the hospital or pharmacy that shows Summer?

My (unimportant in the grand scheme of things) is that Gma wasn't at swimming hole, and they were there longer than 20 minutes. I believe it is H in the video filming, not gma.

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