Do you believe religious voters have a responsibility to provide non-religious justifications for laws that would apply to non-religious people?

I apoligise for making points about my frustration with our current political divides. The POINT was to explain how the party that is for small government took a strong government invasive stance on abortion.

I suppose I was trying to express some solidarity by making the other points. I am pro life, but I can't stand either party. And I'm disgusted that the single issue voting led to Trump getting elected. I'm frustrated that when I called out pro lifers for taking the single issue voting to such extremes that I got accused of attacking the pro life cause and having the devil influence me.

There are people in both parties on virtually every issue.

Not as much anymore. I'm a supporter of Democrats for Life of America and believe whole heartedly in the Whole Life movement. I'm also 36 years old. American conservatism was never as disgusting as it's gotten today. Nor was liberalism for that matter. My professors in college were very supportive of tolerating our differences. All they did was encourage me to think critically and defend my positions. Today, the university environment isn't like that. The right and the left have divided to the point that they've turned into two groupthink tanks of extremism, both very articulate in pointing out the faults of the other, but totally blind to their own problems.

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