I believe the Republican Party is currently incapable of producing a Presidential candidate capable of winning a national election

And pushing Scott Walker in part goes back to the Electoral votes which you nicely pointed out was your main point, even though you've failed to mention in your actual post.

My point is that being strong in the House does not translate well, which you seem to acknowledge.

It's not even a point. They're not even related and it's sad if you seriously think your point about someone getting elected from the house was actually relevant. I acknowledged that candidates from the House don't win. The fact that you've mixed up the two shows your lack of ability in debate or your dishonesty.

From the outside, it appears strong. But the demographics of the country, the structural realities of the electoral college, and the basic inability of the Republican party to compromise - internally as well as externally - is a serious, systemic problem.

It's almost like you're changing the grounds of the debate/discussion from it's original point.

Then you're not reading what I'm saying very clearly.

No I'm reading it just fine. You've abandoned your original position and moved on to something we both agree on to some degree or another, but you're too dumb to realize that you've ceded your ground to me in what you've done.

You misunderstand. You will not find a Democratic Party cheerleader in this conversation. My issue is with Republicans failing to find people who are not batshit crazy or shills.

I'm not saying you're a Democrat cheerleader. Besides if the Democrats suck too, then who is going to win the election genius?

My issue is with Republicans failing to find people who are not batshit crazy or shills.

Now I just think you're a partisan piece of trash hiding behind the "I'm an independent" line.

Are you just ignoring the trouble Democrats are in? I mean you say you're not a cheerleader, but you could have fooled me by ignoring how pathetic the Democrat field is right now. They've got a likely crook as their front runner, but America will vote for her anyways. But besides that they don't seem to have much. You haven't even attempted to deny it.

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