I believe this has some relevance here.

As a male, I agree but also have to disagree here, the statement that the world is too W O K E to believe anything that doesn't have a vagina is pretty true, there are piles and piles of legal cases where one side won entirely based on the fact they are a woman ( not saying that you shouldnt believe people who come out and say they have been sexually assaulted, but you should also take sexual assault calims with a grain of salt). At the same time however you need to learn to FUCKING SPEAK NORMALLY, and no, just beacuse you held the door for someone, dosent mean they have to get down on 2 knees and start sucking you off right then and there. I feel that the reason for many men not wanting to get out there these days is a result of modern day W O K E ness of society and people thinking that watching 999 rom-coms and manga's is going to make them chick magnets.

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