Do you believe in wearing certain colors only during certain seasons? Why or why not?

Agree totally on blush, it's everywhere these days. Which is great because I love it.

I think I'm similar to you - there are definitely pieces (and fabric types) that I only wear in hot weather vs cold. Most notably, I tend to dress more boho-ish in the summer...lots of loose/floral dresses midi and maxi length. And by default those tend to be a little lighter/paler than my winter wardrobe - in winter, I prefer heavier earth tones, layering my leather jacket with jewel toned sweaters, things like that.

I think if you look at my entire closet there's a consistent color vibe because I've got a pretty clear olive undertone and look good in some colors and horrid in others. But definitely the season makes a difference on which colors are out more.

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