Belmont Shore bicycle shop, open for more than a century, to close next month - Jones Bicyle

I always gave these dudes a shout, because while I only shopped there a few times, when I was looking for my very specific model bike, they referred me to a couple other (OC) shops that might have it and one of them did. So when I needed new pedals, I went to Jones. When I got a new lock, I went to Jones.

And the shop they referred me to where I got my bike, Surf City Cyclery (HB), is also closed and is now an indoor playground for kids (?). Anyway, I thought cycling was on the come up, seems weird for these shops to close, but it's not like I follow sales trends or anything.

And even though Jax is literally pedaling distance from my house, they only carry certain brands? I called looking for my bike and they were like nah, we only carry Nirve cruisers. Only one brand of beach cruiser in that big ass store? Come on.

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