I think this belongs here as well.

Well there is more to it, and I only feel like I know a little about it since my wife is a teacher. She has no obligation to work every day, I make significantly more than her and her checks really just go into the spending money bucket. If she just quit today it wouldn't have a significant impact on our quality of life. So she isn't really under any pressure in that regard, she does it because she loves to interact with the kids and genuinely wants to help them succeed in life. This is not the case for all of her colleagues, and they will just do whatever the school board says they need to do and it's blasphemous for my wife to do anything that would counter that.

I suppose arguments could be made for both sides but all I know is we can't go anywhere in this town without some kid running up to her and jumping up for a hug and their parents saying "<child name> talks about you every day! They love you."

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