Ben Amadeus Shapiro

A: there is some brilliant rap/hip hop out there ( cunninlyngsuists for example)

B: you can listen to and appreciate both for the same OR very different reasons.

I mean you want to talk about having a "way with words" Ben?

"The red clay stains the soles of my shoes

The red clay stains the soul of a fool

My grandparents told me the goal that you choose

When you realize the worlds only open to few

Will measure your worth, tether your hurt

It's that same search that can lead you to church

But if they have the time to hate a whole race

How do y'all have the mind to tell me about my faith?

Do y'all have time to discuss God's grace

If you're too busy studying the color of a face?

I don't follow man to avoid the disgrace of

The close-minded culprits of southern mistakes.

Glass houses built out of empty Coke bottles,

Throwing rocks at statues of southern role models,

Use to be followed by souls that are hollow

But had too much love to ever get swallowed

By the dark-hearted people that threatened my kin

Spit on my friends for the color of their skin

So when I think back to the clay that raised me

I thank God for the strong man it made me."

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