Ben Gordon in interview with basketball pundit and analyst BallDontStop - “I don’t agree with building a whole style of play based around analytics. As the league went on you saw a lot of guys lose creativity”

idk what ben is exactly trying to argue, but there's a difference between creating the most efficient style of play vs the most "entertaining" style of play.

you can't blame someone for a strategy that helps them win. just like you can't blame pop for hack-a-shaqing.

the game is played differently now that players have gotten really good at shooting 3s (and the NBA changing the rules that encourages more 3 point attempts). there are less ways of wining, styles, types of shots of taken, etc.

but who's to say that less variety is more fun. 3 pointers and an open court are very entertaining. the NBA is more popular than ever (not just due to style of play though).

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