Benefits Experienced Of Meditation.

I wouldn't jump on these comments in reply to this. Everyone's different. I hadn't a personality trait, a moral, a value, a unique thought, drive, or even much emotion, until I started habitually using cannabis. Some of us, a minority of us, maybe lack something chemically or personality-wise that others do. And if weed helps that, it helps that, just as meditation may, or therapy may. Weed is fine. Life is a crazy, painful, erratic, anxiety-inducing experience - and it isn't normal to endure all of that while abstaining from things which can improve the overall experience. Just talking weed here of course. The worst side effects are non-lethal despite super annoying if you're unlucky enough to pick them up (nerve sensitives, tinnitus.) Then again, maybe worth it if it makes life interesting, people interesting, everything more interesting and worth living for. Meditation can apparently do this, to an extent. Then so i think, they're clearly linked whether or not they'd like to be, and both help whether or not anyone would like to admit so.

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