Bernie: US billionaires are $282 billion richer as 22 million lost their jobs in less than a month

It’s evil when most of the income many of the billionaires make is untaxed, and more often than not most of them are even removing value from society as a whole, because they receive large sums of money while providing nothing of value in return. In the case of Dairy Queen they’re even spreading health problems on society in return for their money, that’s definitely evil.

The evil billionaires are the ones paying to spread the lies, that you obviously fell for believing, about Bernie’s plan bankrupting the country. Meanwhile most of what they do is bankrupt Americans by offering little to negative value for American society, and continuously growing their share of the pie. Inevitably this means more and more Americans are fighting for a smaller and smaller piece of the pie.

Letting people get rich while hurting and taking away from your society is not sustainable, and the cracks of that system breaking are showing everywhere.

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