Bernie Sanders Cancels Mississippi Rally, Shifting Focus to Michigan

  1. He is polling ahead of Trump for now. I’m concerned that once the two are actually face-to-face on a debate stage, he’s going to falter. Trump will hammer him on things the media has largely ignored thus far that are extremely problematic, like the made-up stories or the Ukraine corruption or his handsy-ness. Even his record could be on the table with the calls to cut Medicare and social security. It would be disingenuous coming from Trump but there’s plenty of material for him to work with when it comes to Biden. I think this is likely to only hurt Democrat turnout in the general election, unless Joe can really defend himself well on all of it.
  2. This is just disconnected from the perspective we’re seeing in reality, man. We’re already seeing Fox News segments about it and Trump making fun of him for it. It’s more than just a stutter and more than just misspeaking. I’ve watched every debate and he’s just unable to clearly communicate his ideas a lot of the time. I would be willing to look past it, but Trump won’t be so kind is the point I’m getting at. If you think it’s bad faith Berners, just imagine what happens when MAGAs are the primary opponent. Oof.
  3. I agree with this. This is Joe’s biggest strength in my opinion. However I don’t think it’s something he’s necessarily better at than Bernie. Bernie openly challenges the establishment more which people may perceive as divisive, but in my opinion it’s still unifying, just in a different way.
  4. I have my reservations about Biden’s policy proposals and in that we have very philosophically different visions of America and different solutions, but that’s honestly not my main issue with him as a candidate. I’m not sure if its enough to energize voters to get out and vote for him. But again, my main concern is moreso that as his record is brought out into the open more as he’s the Democratic nominee, his flaws will become more apparent and turnout won’t be enough to stop Trump.
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