Bernie Sanders Lays Out Bold 10-Point Plan for Democrats

Some states do have free health coverage, just not for everyone (i.e. just the poor). Even primarily red states like AZ. I know because I got onto it earlier in the year. Went to the ER thinking my appendix burst, stayed there for ~6 hours. Got a CT scan and an ultrasound. Total cost was ~$13k; I paid $0 (this was back-covered as well--I didn't have the coverage at the time).

Also recently went to a clinic because I had a widespread rash. Normal co-pay on parents' insurance (back when I had it) was ~$40 per visit. I again paid $0 for the visit, a prescribed cream, and a steroid. I also paid $0 (normal price of ~$60) for a TB test/read a bit before that.

The only downside is there is basically zero preventative care, which I feel should be changed. Dental isn't covered at all except in an emergency (like a tooth abscess or something), nor is vision (I need new glasses--I'm probably legally blind without them).

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