Best age verification method I've ever seen

So, here are the solutions to the Leisure Suit Larry age verification questions: (In alphabetical order)

Before he became a star, Bruce Willis was... A bartender

Bill Cosby has never sold... Babies

Chicago is NOT... An Opera

CompuServe was an... Online Service

Emeril: "Bam!" Anne Robinson:“You are the weakest link.

Komodo Dragons are... Real.

Minoxidil is used to treat... Baldness

Not that there's anything wrong with that was popularized on the tv show... Seinfeld

Roberta Williams Designed… Computer Games

Rudy Giuliani used to be… Mayor of New York City

Steve Fossett was the first person to… Travel around the world in a balloon

The biggest bankruptcy in IS history involved... Enron.

The incredible edible... Egg

The motto of the US Marine Corps is... Semper fi

Theodor Geisel is also known as... Dr. Seuss

Tornadoes seem magnetically drawn to... Trailer Parks

What did some people call French Fries for a brief time in the early 2000s? Freedom Fries

What is a Porcelain Goddess? Toilet

What TV show ended in 2004 after 10 seasons? Friends

What was going to cause the world's computers to malfunction? Y2K

Whats that little thing on the tip of your shoelace? Aglet

Which "right" is spelled wrong? Copywright

Which desert is also the name of a past or present Las Vegas casino? Sahara

Which famous performer's son used to be her daughter? Cher

Which haircut grew out of a TV Show? Rachel

Which musical act insulted the President of the United States and vanished from many radio stations? Natalie Maine of "The Dixie Chicks"

Which of these games came first? Pong

Which of these is a dance? The Macarena

Which of these is NOT a kind of sushi? Kirigami

Which of these is not a part of the human body? Mound of Glory

Which of these is NOT an article of clothing? Peccadillo

Which of these isn't a old internet search engine? FindItOut

Which of these require a battery? Tamagotchi

Which of these was not a real TV show? Not with my daughter, you don't

Which one is not a Scientologist? Mayim Bialik

Which refers to the period before a war? Antebellum

Who appeared in 15 episodes of Saturday Night Live during its first season? The Muppets

Who did Angelina Jolie kiss passionately when she won an Oscar? Her Brother

Who didn't know wheter "Buffalo Wings" were made from chicken or Buffalo? Jessica Simpson

Who has never been caught shoplifting? Stevie Wonder

Who once dangled his baby son off a hotel room balcony? Michael Jackson

Who ran against George W. Bush in the 2000 Presidential Election? Al Gore.

Who said: "I ate his liver with some fava beans and nice Chianti" Dr Hannibal Lecter

Who's known for the phrase "My precious?" Gollum

Who's smarter than the average bear? Yogi

Xander,Willow, and Oz were all characters on... Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Your permanent record is? A Fairy Tale meant to frighten children

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