Best all around vehicle?

Seems to me, that all vehicles are the same, it's all in the play style. You actually have 2 choices: 1. Mixed tech with phoenix, trying to help survive those corps dick waving each other and in the end just let it go, because the old world was corrupted and can't be fixed. 2. Go all Donald trump on one faction and try to make it ha ha again. Stickin' on one factions tech through out the game to make it fun. Synedrion: enclave sort of corp building an ark to help a few survive till all this is over. They don't really care bout the outside world all it maters is research and you need some one to press the buttons Jerico: just shoot it if it moves and the shoot some. new world will be build on ruins of the past Anu: go all crazy and join the cult. False god must be purged and everything corrupted by its influence with it. there can only be one true god

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