Best area of the USA for an exchange student?

With such vast areas it's pretty difficult to really get a focus for each area: there are huge variations even within those areas. That said, I'd choose Area 2 and Area 3. Here's why:

  • Area 1: There are some awesome cities and towns here, and a lot of great places to visit. However, much of that area is very sparsely populated, and it's not unlikely that you'd end up in a rural community hundreds of miles away from a big city. It also gets really cold in the winter, like average lows at 0 degrees Fahrenheit in much of the region. If you ever get another chance to visit the US, this is a great area to tour though, because it has some fantastic natural scenery and beauty.
  • Area 2: From a purely random chance perspective, you'd probably end up somewhere in California, which I feel is a place a lot of exchange students would enjoy living. There's no shortage of things to do or see in California. Utah and Colorado also have a lot going on, especially if you enjoy winter sports like skiing or snowboarding. There's not as much in New Mexico, Arizona, or Nevada (at least for an exchange student), but I think there's enough that you'd still enjoy yourself.
  • Area 3: This is probably the most diverse of all the areas. That said, I feel that you'd probably be happy with most of the places you could end up. A lot of the area consists of the midwest which is emblematic Americana, and you also have a lot of big interesting cities in the north-east like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and DC.
  • Area 4: I'm a huge fan of southern culture and cuisine, so this was a tough area to leave off. I feel that the culture shock may be a bit much though. The south as a whole tends to be more laid back, more conservative, and slightly more rural than further north, which I feel could potentially be irritating to someone who's accustomed to German culture. That said, I'd definitely try to visit a couple places in the south if you get the chance: Nashville, New Orleans, Savannah, Orlando, etc. are all great tourist destinations.
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